Worship Seating

A congregation sitting in church pews, looking uncomfortable.

How Can I Make My Sanctuary Seating More Comfortable?

A lot goes into making a worship service successful. It’s more than just the selection of music, the quality of the message, and the number of people in attendance. It’s about your worshippers carving out a portion of their weekend…
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A presider's chair at a Catholic church.

What Are the Different Types of Synagogue Bimah or Church Pulpit Chairs?

When your church or synagogue is ready for new worship seating, you might automatically think of pews and church chairs for your congregation. But one often neglected piece of church furniture is clergy chairs. Your pastor, reverend, priest, or rabbi…
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Radius curved pews and combination seating at Congregation Rodfei Sholom in San Antonio, TX.

5 Tips to Get the Money You Need for New Synagogue Seating

Upgrading your current synagogue seating shouldn’t be stressful. The process can be easy with the right furniture company, design assistance, and friendly representatives. However, one of the most significant stressors of updating your synagogue pews or chairs is how to…
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Rows of Radius Curved Pews in a modern church sanctuary

3 Big Benefits of Radius Curved Pews for Your Congregation

If your church or other sacred worship space resides in a very old, traditional building, you likely have scores of straight pews arrayed in neat rows for your congregants to sit on during services. While this church furniture is undoubtedly…
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