A small wooden block with a door cut out and a silver cross to make it resemble a church.

7 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Worship Space

Bigger isn’t always better. In a world where success is sometimes measured by how much money is in your bank account, how many followers you have on social media, or how many people you can fit into your vehicle, it…
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Red church pews create a sense of tradition in a church.

The Best Way to Transition from Metal Chairs to Wood Church Pews

Are the metal folding chairs in your worship space starting to cost more money to repair and maintain than they’re worth? If so, it’s time to make the transition to church pews! Pews are low-maintenance and durable, meaning you’ll get…
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Modern church pews provide a designated space for wheelchair access

How Modern Church Pews Can Help Make Your Worship Space More Accessible

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) made great strides in the United States by requiring many organizations to provide accommodations for people with disabilities. Yet, religious organizations are exempt from this law. However, churches and synagogues should still make sure…
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the Temple Israel in Minneapolis, Minnesota

How to Tell What Kind of Church Chairs and Seating Your Space Requires

If you’re in the middle of a synagogue or church renovation, designing a new worship space, or just wondering how your spiritual center’s seating can best serve your religious services, there are several choices you need to make. The process…
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A wooden pulpit and beautiful wood church furniture with stained glass in the background at the Christ of the Redeemer Church in Longport, New Jersey.

Wood Church Furniture: Why It’s the Best Choice for You

If it’s time for your church to invest in new furniture, you need to consider choosing wood church furniture. Not only will it last for years, but it is also versatile, beautiful, and sustainable. Studies even show that wood furniture…
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Albright United Methodist in Mishawaka, IN

How to Maximize Your Worship Space to Stimulate Congregational Growth – Tips from New Holland Church Furniture

For many places of worship, the role of the modern church or synagogue is evolving. By utilizing space beyond the traditional Friday evening or Sunday morning services, most areas of worship are finding they can expand their impact and reach.…
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Church chair and pew seating

Church Pews vs. Chairs: Deciding Which Is Best for Your Worship Space

If we asked you to picture a church in your head, what would you envision? Would you think of a perfect white wooden building complete with a steeple, pews, and an organ? Or would you think of a contemporary worship…
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Retablo at St. Rocco Catholic Church

Custom Retablo Designs to Enhance Your Church

Here at New Holland Church Furniture, we know the importance of a strong, visually compelling central piece of custom church furniture. Our handcrafted retablos are just that—quality-built, eye-catching unique pieces designed to draw the eyes of your parishioners, inspiring them…
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Youth group gathered outdoors at sunset for praise and worship

The Best Ways to Empower Religious Youth Group Activities

When it comes to religious youth group activities, the internet contains many ideas and activities to keep youth engaged and inspired. But what makes a great youth ministry at a spiritual center or house of worship like yours? A youth…
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