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Finding the perfect synagogue and church chairs can be a challenge. Outdated or uncomfortable seating can hinder the worship experience, leaving congregants distracted and restless. But when you add custom-made chairs that are meticulously constructed for lasting durability and comfort, you transform your worship space into a haven of tranquility and reverence.

At New Holland Church Furniture, we are here to exceed your expectations and provide the ideal solution for your worship seating needs. Stackable church chairs can complement your church, synagogue, or other worship space in various ways. Our wooden church chairs offer flexible versatility, from providing your main seating in the sanctuary to overflow or even choir seating. Available in multiple styles, all our stackable chairs are high quality and built to last for generations. Contact one of our reps today to create a worship experience that uplifts the spirit.

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Choose the Chairs That Are Perfect for Your House of Worship

Selecting the perfect chairs for your house of worship doesn’t have to be difficult. With our wide selection of styles, endless customization options, and world-class craftsmanship, you can find the right options that meet your congregation’s unique needs. Learn more about the different styles of sanctuary chairs below.

A double-seated chair with red upholstery and light-colored wood.



Our 300 Series Solid Wood Chairs combine classic design with exceptional durability. Crafted from premium hardwoods, these chairs offer timeless elegance and superior strength. With their ergonomic design and comfortable seating, congregants can enjoy extended periods of worship without discomfort. The 300 series offers rounded solid oak cap rails, upholstered wood backs, 2-inch upholstered seats, and under-seat book racks. Opt for the 310 double or triple to maximize seating capacity and reduce cost per seat.

rows of solid wood church chairs



Our 310K Series Solid Wood Chairs are ideal for a touch of modern sophistication. These chairs have a sleek and contemporary design and add a stylish flair to any worship space. Designed for comfort and stability, congregants will appreciate the supportive seating and refined aesthetics. These solid wood chairs feature a unique pitched leg design, allowing for an optional, removable, pivoting, upholstered solid wood kneeler. Customize it with the same options as the 300 series chair.

A medium-wood tone chair with a beige seat.



Discover the perfect blend of versatility and flexibility with our 400 Series Solid Wood Chairs. This series comes in two back styles. The 415 chair features a steam-bent solid wood back that can be finished for a curved wood back or adorned with a 1″ upholstered back for a fully upholstered chair. The 418 chair boasts a double-slated steam-bent curved wood back. Both options are available, either all wood chairs or armchairs. Plus, they include an under-seat book rack and can include an optional kneeler.

a wooden church chair with burgundy padding



In response to customer feedback, New Holland Church Furniture designed the 500 Series Solid Wood Chairs. These chairs feature full-height round profile rear legs that enclose the upholstered wood backs, creating a polished look when used as free-standing units. Meticulously crafted, these chairs showcase intricate carvings and ornate details, adding an elegant touch to your worship space. With plush cushioning and sturdy construction, they offer both comfort and durability. Get yours with an optional kneeler.

A blue upholstered chair with a kneeler in the back.



Experience the perfect blend of pews and chairs with our 610 chair. Featuring a fully upholstered back, it offers the authentic look of pews while providing the flexibility of chairs. Enjoy a continuous seat appearance for maximum capacity, back-mounted book racks, and optional removable pivoting kneelers. The 610 pew chair also comes with a laminated wood back option. These chairs are designed for both comfort and aesthetic appeal and can be tailored to match your unique vision.

A medium-tone brown chair with a woven seat.



Choose from various seat options with our 810 chair, including upholstered, solid wood saddle, or rush seats. Unlike synthetic or paper materials other manufacturers use, our 810 chair features a true natural rush woven material that maintains its shape and integrity over time. The rush seat also offers decreased sound absorption, making it ideal for acoustic value, especially in choir areas. Order your chairs with optional, removable, pivoting, upholstered solid wood kneelers for added convenience.

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Stackable Wooden Church Chairs Examples:

Whether you need chairs for your sanctuary, choir loft, balcony, or overflow in your fellowship hall, we have you covered with several different chair styles available in various wood species and upholstery colors. Our variety of church chairs for sale is designed to meet your needs with both convenience and comfort in mind. See a sampling of our chairs below!

Looking For Wooden Stacking Chairs That Enhance Your Worship Experience?

Looking for wooden stacking chairs that enhance your worship experience? We offer a variety of stackable wood chairs for churches and synagogues, from clergy chairs to overflow seating, sanctuary chairs, and more! Get in touch with your local rep to get started today!

Get Inspired by Some of Our Past Projects

When you have as much experience as we do, you have many sample projects to show for it! View our inspiration gallery online to see how other churches and synagogues have used our wooden chairs to add beauty, comfort, and flexibility to their spaces!

Sacred Heart Monastery, Home of the Benedictine Sisters – Lisle, IL
St John United Church Georgetown, ON
St. John’s United Church – Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
entire room of stackable chairs
St. John’s College High School Chapel – Washington, DC

Enjoy the Features of
Quality-Built Stackable Wood Chairs

When you need stackable wooden church chairs with careful crafting to provide superior strength and ease of use, turn to us here at New Holland Church Furniture. Our wooden chairs are the perfect seating choice for your worship space. The stackable design allows for efficient storage and space management, making them ideal for multi-purpose worship spaces or venues with limited storage space. Despite their stackability, these chairs are built to withstand the rigors of frequent use, ensuring longevity and durability while remaining comfortable.

Just look at all the features and benefits churches and synagogues just like yours love about our chairs:

We can also work closely with your design team to provide valuable input, from design specifications to manufacturing and budgeting for all worship seating options.

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Finding Durable Church Seating with Great Benefits Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Your congregation comes to your church or synagogue to connect with other worshippers, their Creator, and the clergy. But if your current church seating isn’t comfortable, frequently needs to be repaired or replaced, or is unsightly, your assembly won’t get the most out of their worship experience.

At New Holland Church Furniture, we understand the needs of your church or synagogue and how the right furniture can make a difference in worship attendance. Our wide variety of solid wooden church chairs can be stackable, customized with or without arms, and created with your choice of upholstered fabric colors, wood species, and wood finishes. All our wood chair models are available in standard or custom sizes for efficient storage when not in use or to clear space for other worship activities.

New Holland Church Furniture sets the industry standard for quality and artistry with over 70 years of experience producing the finest worship furniture for all denominations. Plus, you get these amazing benefits when you work with us.

rows of church chairs


We can completely customize every wooden stacking chair we build for your worship space. Whether you’d like to match the look of architectural elements, need to match finish colors to other church furniture, or want to add intricately carved details, custom turning, or rich accents, we can make it happen.

samples of wood finishes


We can create stackable wood chairs for your church, synagogue, or other worship space from just about any wood species, including Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, Sapele Mahogany, European Beech, White Oak, and many more. Select the wood type that best suits your needs, budget, and aesthetic desires.

Curved rows of wooden church chairs look beautiful at St. John's United Church in Georgetown, ON.


We use time-honored construction techniques to ensure the strength and longevity of your chairs. Whether they serve as overflow seating, choir chairs, or as a welcome addition to your sanctuary, your New Holland Church Furniture stackable wood chairs will be quality-built with meticulous attention to detail.

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Get New Church Chairs in Three Easy Steps!

At New Holland Church Furniture, we believe finding durable and comfortable church seating should be hassle-free. That’s why we’ve simplified it into three easy steps:

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Step 1: Select a Style

Browse our wide range of chair styles and options in our wood chair style catalog to find the perfect stacking chairs for you!

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Step 2: Place Your Order

Contact your local representative to place your order and experience our world-class customer service.

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Step 3: Worship in Comfort

Now sit back and let us handle the rest! We’ll even deliver and set up your new chairs in a way that works best for you.

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For the Best Synagogue and Church Chairs Available,
Contact New Holland Church Furniture!

We know you have your options when it comes to purchasing new furniture for your church or synagogue. But why trust something as important as your faith to a company that doesn’t get it? Here at New Holland Church Furniture, we are invested in our faith as much as you are in yours.

That’s why working with us means you’ll get exceptional synagogue and church chairs with a service and design expertise that our competitors can’t match. Our church chairs are built to last for generations, so you can have confidence that we’ll exceed your expectations at every opportunity when you work with us.

Don’t let outdated seating hinder the spiritual experience of your congregation any longer. Contact one of our representatives today and start refreshing your worship seating. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process, offering valuable input on furniture selection, layout options, product specifications, and budgeting. Together, we can create an environment that enhances the spiritual journey of your congregation, fostering a sense of tranquility, reverence, and connection.

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