Get the Most Out of Your Worship Space with Synagogue & Church Interior Design Assistance

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Your church or synagogue is more than just a place of worship. It’s where people come to heal their hurts, find their purpose, and worship their Creator. So, when it comes to redesigning your church or synagogue’s interior, you want to ensure that you are still meeting these needs while improving the functionality and reverence of the space. Meeting this goal is not easy on your own. Luckily, when you choose us to assist with your synagogue or church renovation or design, we can help you achieve the sacred and beautiful space you want.

Learn how our synagogue and church interior design services can help you make a cohesive space that honors your worship space’s past while preserving its future. We can also help your architects plan your new worship seating and code compliance. New Holland Church Furniture has produced uniquely custom worship furnishings for almost three-quarters of a century. From radius church pews to intricately designed worship furniture, we’re the resource architects turn to when they want to bring their clients’ visions to life.

Creating a Reverent Space Shouldn’t Be Hard

Whether you’re building a new worship space or remodeling an existing church or synagogue, the interior design elements you choose will establish the look and feel of your worship space for generations to come. That’s why getting the details of your synagogue or church interior design is so important.

At New Holland Church Furniture, our interior designers know that a beautiful result can only come from a well-executed, detailed plan. We can work with your staff, design team, building team, or architect to establish a synagogue or church interior design and seating layout that fits your vision. To complement the interior design, we can manufacture the custom church furniture you need —including altars, pewsbenches, pulpits, architectural woodwork and more.

Interior Design Sensitive to All Styles

No two worship spaces are the same. Whether you’re looking for a modern small church interior design, a traditional large synagogue design, or any size or type in between, you deserve specialized attention to detail and world-class craftsmanship. We can complete your modern church interior design so that it uniquely expresses your taste and desires to maximize the worship experience. We don’t work with Protestant or Roman Catholic churches exclusively, either. We have experience helping synagogues, other religious places, and even institutions create a design that perfectly complements their style of worship.

We use the latest computer-aided design (CAD) equipment to assist you with unequaled seating layouts, architectural design, floor plans, and design assistance, including:

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  • Designing your worship space for maximum seating capacity
  • Creating furniture designs that complement your church interior, from stained glass windows to the primary and side altars
  • Evaluating seating comparisons such as seating capacity versus budgetary cost
  • Design recommendations using unique symbolism in the creation of bench ends or furniture
  • Creatively using existing pieces of your worship space to create a more modern church interior

Our synagogue and church interior design team has over 80 years of experience creating seating plans and furniture designs for churches, synagogues, and houses of worship across North America and beyond. Our expertise and knowledge as designers mean we can provide valuable input during the evaluation process, leading to better decisions and more value for your money.

Code Compliance Assistance

Handicapped Seating chart

Many church buildings and synagogues were built before the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) was established in 1990. So when it’s time to upgrade their spaces and add new pews or other seating, they find they are not adequately meeting accessibility standards.

When working with our church interior designers, there’s no need to worry about ADA code-compliance issues. Our team offers expert assistance in addressing fundamental code issues upfront, ensuring a smooth transition from design through installation.

New Holland Church Furniture Standard Seating Styles

Whether you are looking for church altar and interior design services for a Christian church, Jewish synagogue, Catholic church interior, or another type of worship space, we can help create a beautiful and functional one. We want your space to uniquely reflect your worship space’s beliefs, culture, and mission.

Custom End Panels

We offer various options to help create the perfect place to worship your Creator, including unique end panels, stylish pew bodies, worship flexibility with open-space design or theater seating, and much more. Please view the following documents for examples and styles of our work:

View of Wooden Altar in circular sanctuary

Why Choose Us for Your Church or Synagogue’s Interior Design?

When you want to feel comfortable and enhance the worship experience of your church or synagogue, you need to partner with a company that can not only manufacture the new curved pews, straight benches, chairs, or combination seating you need but also do so with precision and design focus. When you work with us, you’ll get all of those benefits plus so much more:

  1. Custom Seating Design and Manufacturing: From radius curved pews to tailored upholstered seating, we specialize in creating seating solutions that harmonize with your space’s aesthetic and functional requirements.
  2. Space Planning and Layout Optimization: Our team offers expert guidance in optimizing the layout of your worship space for seamless flow and congregation engagement.
  3. Expert Design Consultation and Guidance: Benefit from our wealth of experience and design expertise to bring your vision for the worship space to life, ensuring a welcoming and uplifting environment for congregants.
  4. Tailored Upholstery and Finish Options: Discover a range of upholstery and finish options designed to complement and enhance the aesthetic of your sanctuary, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.
  5. Integration of Durable Materials: We prioritize using durable materials to ensure the longevity and functionality of your furniture, providing a lasting investment for your sacred space.
  6. Custom Furniture Design and Installation: A church or synagogue needs more than just a place to sit to worship. We can also help create a cohesive interior with altars, worship tables, organ cases, bimah furniture, pulpits, and more.
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AWI Associate Member

New Holland Church Furniture has been an AWI Associate Member for more than three decades! That means your synagogue, Catholic church,  or any interior church design elements produced by New Holland Church Furniture are made by a company that meets the woodworking bar and exceeds it.

About the AWI

The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) is a nonprofit trade association founded in 1953. The AWI represents nearly 4,000 members, including architectural woodworkers, suppliers, design professionals, and students from around the world.

Setting Industry Standards

The AWI has been the voice of the woodworking industry for more than half a century. One of the primary functions of the AWI is to set industry standards among design professionals and the woodworking industry in general.

Ready to Get Started on Your Next Building Project?

No matter what type of synagogue or church interior design assistance you or your architect may need, we can help. Get in touch with us today to see how we can transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

We can help you and your design team to:

  • Interpret IBC (International Building Codes) and how they apply to your church or synagogue
  • Review seating capacity requirements
  • Determine adequate seat spacing for egress
  • Design your worship space for maximum seating capacity
  • Review handicap requirements
  • Address balcony code issues and requirements

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