Choose the Wood Finish for Your New Upholstered Church Pews

Choosing the wood stain for your new church pews can be daunting. After all, you want something durable and resistant to scratches from frequent use. But the stain should also complement the existing furniture, fixtures, and overall décor. So, we have you covered if you’d like a lighter stain for your synagogue or church pew bench or something a bit darker! Contact one of our reps to get started on your synagogue or church renovation project today!

Various Wood Finishes for Your Wood Church or Synagogue Pews

If you’re ready to replace your antique church pews with something more durable, choosing the stain of your real wood pews and benches is necessary! Look at the finishes below—from cool tones like fruitwood and cordovan to warmer ones like honey gold and Danish walnut, then tell your rep which color you choose for your worship seating!

NOTE: These digital Red Oak finishes are representative of the specified wood tones. Digital images of wood stain may appear to vary in color when viewed on different monitors or screens. Additionally, different pieces of the same wood specie will vary in color. If finish color is critical, please specify from actual wood samples. Please note, it is typical for some color variations to occur in production due to variations in wood grains; this is especially true of light and natural finishes.

Additional Options for Your Worship Seating

When ordering new synagogue or church seating, you have options. From the type of seats you choose to the accessories, you are in control when you order from New Holland Church Furniture!

  • Pew Design—Straight rows, curved radius pews, wooden chairs, or combination seating
  • Pew Body Specifications—Unupholstered or upholstered church pews. Upholstery can be on the seat, the back, and the back side of the back both.
  • Upholstered Pew Fabric—Various colors and styles from which to choose
  • Pew End Panel Design—Full or partial, plain or ornate.
  • Chair Styles—Wooden or upholstered seat, back, or both. Available in single, double, and triple lengths. Custom routed back designs available on solid backs. Stackable church chairs are easily moved with a chair cart.
  • Accessories—Hymnal racks, interlocking pins for rows of chairs, and kneelers.
Custom End Panels

Order Your New Upholstered Church Pews Now!

Whether you want unupholstered or upholstered church pews, stacking chairs, combination seating, or straight synagogue pews, we have what you need! Get in touch with a rep today to start your worship renovation!