Wood Church Furniture: Why It’s the Best Choice for You

A wooden pulpit and beautiful wood church furniture with stained glass in the background at the Christ of the Redeemer Church in Longport, New Jersey.

If it’s time for your church to invest in new furniture, you need to consider choosing wood church furniture. Not only will it last for years, but it is also versatile, beautiful, and sustainable. Studies even show that wood furniture is beneficial for people’s health. Let New Holland Church Furniture help you improve your church or synagogue space with hardwood, handcrafted furniture.

The Durability of Wood Church or Synagogue Furniture

As you consider the different types of worship furniture available, you should know that hardwood is highly durable. At New Holland Church Furniture, we only use high-quality materials. The premium natural hardwoods, plywood, and engineered wood we use for worship spaces are made to last for many years.

Other materials for furniture, like particleboard, leather, or plastic, can deteriorate quickly, leaving a possible safety and aesthetic issue for you and your congregation. Choosing hardwood is the best choice for your new furniture because it’s incredibly resilient to wear and tear.

Using Wood for Church Pews is Sustainable

Wood is also one of the most environmentally friendly raw materials. It’s a renewable resource that grows and replenishes itself every year. When you use selective harvesting, as opposed to clear-cutting, it’s environmentally friendly to cut down trees for furniture. It’s a great way to keep a forest healthy.

Additionally, we all know that trees absorb carbon, but they continue to store carbon even after they’re cut down and turned into solid wood church chairs. When you choose hardwood church furniture, you are also helping to save the planet.

How Wood Furniture Improves Your Health

Not only will wood church furniture improve the Earth’s health, but it will also help improve your congregation’s health. Studies show that using wood inside mimics the effect of spending time outdoors. When you bring natural elements inside a building, like a church or a synagogue, you can get a sense of peace that you don’t get if you use plastic or steel furniture.

Wood naturally helps to relax people by lowering their blood pressure and heart rate. It’s even shown to reduce anxiety and stress. Plus, it can increase positive social interaction, leaving your congregation feeling even more encouraged after an uplifting sermon. And that’s the whole point of going to church or temple: to educate, inspire, provide fellowship, and create disciples for your religion.

The Versatility of Hardwood

The look of your solid wood church chairs, church pews, and other worship furniture can also help to inspire your congregation. Whether you want to keep with a more traditional look or upgrade to a modern feel, wood is versatile enough to do both. When you choose wood church furniture from New Holland Church Furniture, we can assist you with making your design vision a reality.

If you don’t want to abandon the traditional look of your worship space, New Holland Church Furniture can also help by creating something new out of the old. We can help preserve historic pieces by artistically repurposing them into new pieces that facilitate the functionality of today’s worship. We call this creative reuse, and our custom craftsmanship is evident in everything we do.

Stunning Wood Craftsmanship in Your Worship Space

Lastly, you should choose hardwood church and worship furniture simply because it’s absolutely stunning. Our expert craftsman can transform your worship space by using intricate designs, various stain options, and custom wood choices. Check out the wide variety of work we can do for you and your church by visiting our inspiration gallery. Wood gives any worship space a sense of dignity and a beautiful place to fellowship and worship with other believers.

Contact a Rep Today For Your Wood Church Furniture

When it comes to selecting a manufacturer for your new hardwood church pews, look no further than New Holland Church Furniture. Our team of expert designers and craftsmen will help you develop a worship hall that features durable, sustainable, and stunning wood furniture to enhance the worship experience at your church or synagogue. The natural relaxation benefits and versatility of wood make it the right choice for your new worship furniture. Find a rep now to get started selecting and crafting the best wood furniture for your church.