How Can I Make My Sanctuary Seating More Comfortable?

A congregation sitting in church pews, looking uncomfortable.

A lot goes into making a worship service successful. It’s more than just the selection of music, the quality of the message, and the number of people in attendance. It’s about your worshippers carving out a portion of their weekend to spend time praising and connecting with their God. Is your church or synagogue doing everything possible to encourage that connection time?

If your sanctuary seating has seen better days, you’re likely not fully inspiring a divine intercession. It may seem a bit superficial, but it can be hard to concentrate on anything when you’re uncomfortable. There are many signs it’s time to replace your sanctuary furniture, such as hearing creaking when congregants sit or decorative details breaking. But if those are okay, reupholstering your synagogue or church pew is an option.

At New Holland Church Furniture, we can help you make more comfortable seating for your worshippers to connect to God and pay attention throughout the entire worship service. By designing new pew seats or refreshing the pew upholstery, you can create comfortable seating for your congregation. Get in touch with a rep today to learn more.

Reupholster Your Existing Pews

If the wooden base surrounding your pew cushion is still in excellent shape with no signs of wear, reupholstering your church pew cushion is an excellent way to make them more comfortable. The foam on your church pews loses its resiliency a little each year. Over time, the foam completely compresses, making your church seating no better than sitting on hard concrete.

Luckily, reupholstering your sanctuary seating by replenishing it with new high-density foam and covering it in new fabric is easily achieved. When you choose New Holland Church Furniture to reupholster the seating for your congregation, you have various fabric choices, including ones that are resistant to abrasion and antimicrobial to last longer.

Order New Pews with Comfort in Mind

When the seating for your sanctuary or church is too old or damaged for reupholstering, it may be time to order new sanctuary seating. This option allows you to completely order new radius curved pews or straight pew benches with comfort in mind. Consider these aspects of the design for ultimate comfort:

Pew Seat

When ordering new synagogue or church furniture with comfort as a priority, you’ll want to choose an upholstered foam seat. You can choose from several different types of designs, but all our upholstered pew seats consist of three-inch thick, 1.85-pound density foam glued to the seat foundation. You can upholster new pews in your choice of fabric, which is tightly stretched using even pneumatic pressure with edges tucked, folded, and stapled under the seat.

Pew Back

The pew back also features various options for you to consider when purchasing new ones. We have options to purchase pews with an upholstered seat and a wooden back. However, if you plan to buy new pews to make worship services more comfortable, consider adding a cushioned pew back. The pew backs have foam up to one-inch thick with a 1.5-pound density.

You can also choose from a flat seatback or a contoured seatback. A contoured seatback is more comfortable because it reduces the pressure people experience when sitting too long.

Fabric Selection

Choosing the fabric for your sanctuary seating is also essential for comfort. You’ll want to choose a fabric that feels good to sit on and to touch with your hand. The fabric available to you comes in different types, including 100% polyester, 100% nylon, and polyester blends. All our fabric choices feature the right combination of softness with durability.

Pew Design

Beyond just the style, foam, and fabric of your pews is how you space your pews in your sanctuary. When determining how many pews to fit in your sanctuary, consider leg space. Having your legs cramp during a worship service is sure to draw attention away from the worship and onto your pain. Consider adding extra space between your pews for extra comfort, if possible.

Consider a Few Rows of Cushioned Chairs

Some people may not find pews comfortable, no matter how well you design them. Consider fitting in a row or two of cushioned chairs for those people. We offer a wide variety of different chair types, including ones that are double and triple-wide for sanctuary seating that is size-inclusive. You can also choose ones with arms, which may help some people to stand easier.

For New or Reupholstered Sanctuary Seating, Contact Us!

When people come to worship at your religious house, you want them to leave with a positive experience. Unfortunately, uncomfortable seats and compressed church pew cushions aren’t going to do that. These types of synagogue or church seats distract from the services and don’t allow your worshippers to immerse themselves fully in the experience.

Instead, reupholster your existing pews in decent condition or order brand-new ones! Not only will your church or synagogue be more welcoming for regular members and newcomers alike, but it will also be more visually appealing. Get started refreshing your sanctuary seating today by contacting one of our reps!