How to Maximize Your Worship Space to Stimulate Congregational Growth – Tips from New Holland Church Furniture

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For many places of worship, the role of the modern church or synagogue is evolving. By utilizing space beyond the traditional Friday evening or Sunday morning services, most areas of worship are finding they can expand their impact and reach. In fact, we’re finding that the new role of typical religious buildings is exceeding well beyond the classical context of religion. That’s why at New Holland Church Furniture, we believe you can add flexibility and functionality to any worship space to help grow your congregation.

It’s no secret that the primary purpose of a worship area is to provide a place for two things to happen: an opportunity for people to worship their Creator and the chance to build profound relationships with others. But did you know that these needs can be met via the physical layout and design of the building? When a church or synagogue is intentional about its building’s layout and design, people can take a journey—from visitor to devoted congregation member.

If you need help on how to maximize your place of worship for optimal congregation growth, then today’s article on our New Holland Church Furniture blog is perfect for you. Let us help pinpoint the essential factors to consider and define the best way for your organization to facilitate congregational growth.

Do Cultural Trends Matter?

Believe it or not, trends do matter. The term “trend” usually leads us to think of something as temporary or short-lived. Still, cultural trends are also serving a more important purpose by helping us understand what’s shifting in society’s culture. And of course, how those trends affect worship space culture and design.

When New Holland Church Furniture seeks to understand specific trends, we find that it’s essential to pay attention to these categories: cultural and generational changes. When we learn to relate to the ever-changing generations and shifts in culture, we pave the way to create a worship culture that meets people where they are in their lives and offers them a path to discovering their Creator. Here are a few ways to help align your facility with your church or synagogue’s mission and maximize your worship space.

Design for Building Relationships

There are many different reasons you would start renovating, re-purposing, or building brand new worship facilities. Whether you’re adding to your lobby space, expanding to accommodate for an increase in congregation size, adding space for kids’ ministries, or you just need more administrative area, there’s one crucial realization—growing relationships within your congregation symbolizes a healthy church or synagogue.

One of the main ways people grow in their faith is by connecting with other believers. You can help foster fellowship and nurture meaningful relationships by creating space for that connection. Design for relationships, design for growth! Explore your building’s unique mission through these relationships and urge the design of each room to enrich them.

Design for Experience

When there’s a newcomer at your place of worship, what do you want them to experience? At New Holland Church Furniture, we assume that you want them to experience a connection—a connection with people of your congregation, a connection with their Creator, and a connection with wanting to serve their Creator.

When someone pulls into the parking lot, what do they see? What feelings are evoked when they walk through the door? What invites them to stay after the service? It’s important to answer these questions because the answers will present the overall experience at your church or synagogue.

A guest should be able to walk into your church or synagogue and be able to make quick decisions related to the areas they are seeking. This is achieved by providing signage and clear wayfinding throughout the building. Remember, it’s more than how it looks; it’s about creating spaces where ministry can happen in the most natural way possible.

Design for Facility Care

The day-to-day facility stewardship in your building also comes with creating sustainable budgets for facility changes and additions. And in today’s world, small is the new large. This means it’s even more crucial than before that there’s significant collaboration in the thought process behind how the facility will look, how it will function and be used, and how it will be prepared to do ministry before renovation/construction even begins.

It’s becoming increasingly popular to build more intimate spaces—encouraging connections between people—and to spend more on square footage. The key is to utilize the square footage to obtain the desired seating capacity in the worship space and to also reach the desired results throughout all areas of the church.

Design for Local Context

In every community, there are unique audiences, influences, and lifestyles. When you create a worship space that corresponds with your local context, it communicates a sense of relevancy and understanding. Think of your church or synagogue building as a tangible, visual way for you to fit into your community. Thoughtful design can create fresh opportunities.

Some worship spaces experience a disconnect between their building’s exterior and the vital ministry taking place inside. Easy updates with aesthetics and color can help fix this misalignment. An important question to answer is: What does an appealing space look like in your unique context? What settings do people value most within your worship space? When you go to places where people gather, observe what you see in that space and how people engage with its differing elements.

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Worship Space to Enhance Congregational Growth with New Holland Church Furniture?

Whether you’re ready to get the renovation process started or are just looking to see what can be done with your worship space, New Holland Church Furniture will help you make the significant decisions that will influence your worship community for many generations to come. For over 70 years, we’ve been using our combined experience in custom craftsmanship and design to bring worship spaces to life. So let us help with yours!

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